Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 3 so far

It's been enjoyable getting my first taste of the Strength And Power and Strength Endurance sessions. I might just be imagining it but it seems like I'm able to press a little higher into the Bridge.

Things to work on:

Jumping rope - need to stretch out that jump rope by hanging it and hanging a weight on it.  The cheapest I could find was plastic and the disadvantage is it doesn't go full length as easily as a classic rope does.  It would have been hard enough trying to do this on a classic jump rope.

Hollow Body Side - Need to see if I can get that bottom arm off the floor.

Chinups - Need to set up the rings a bit further apart.  I notice all the coaches in the Chinup videos are doing the movement with their hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

L-Sit - Just be patient and practice at my level.  I can do a full Tuck Sit but I can't hold it for a full 30 seconds, so I have to practice the Strength & Power sessions at the next lower level (one foot on ground, other knee raised as high as possible).

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Nutritional Movement interview

Today's's Musical Discoveries

Caio Barros was an undergrad studying composition when he began digitizing his professor’s sizable collection of electronic music CDs in 2009. To increase its chances of mass distribution, he converted the collection into a torrent file. But somehow, that torrent disappeared from cyberspace. Now, for the first time, ubuweb is hosting this massive collection of early electronic works in its entirety.

This mix compiled by French producer Arandel features 35 women in electronic music in 45 minutes

Miles Davis is hardly a new discovery for me.  He needs little introduction.  But here's a nice NPR article on six influential albums:

Don Cheadle will play Miles in an upcoming biopic.  Good interview with Cheadle.  Includes movie clip:

The Guardian's recent Tony Conrad article:

Bardo Pond - Don't Know About You + The Stars Behind (live @ Magasin4)

On a related note, I've been checking out the Karma settings on the factory combos on my Korg M3.  I'm up to Combi 110 of Bank B

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 2 Day 3

Broad Jump 

Getting a little smoother in the landing.

Shrimp Squat 

Working at a level somewhere between half way and 3/4 way down. I realized yesterday that I should have been doing 20 seconds per leg, for a total of 40 seconds/round on this exercise, instead of 20 seconds total with alternating legs.  Hopefully this means my progress will pick up a bit here.


Working at the level of lowering from the plank to the ground, then doing pushup from the knees.  I could do a full pushup but I understand the benefit of really working on keeping the elbows in and generally refining my form before advancing to the full pushup.  I'm getting better at keeping the elbows in, but my shoulder is still letting me know that I need more practice.  When the elbows are in and the elbow pits are facing forward properly, there is no pain in that shoulder.

Bridge Press-Up

I am working at the half-way level.  I can press up off the ground and lower myself back down without bumping my head.  I am working on increasing my upper body strength, which is currently not sufficient to press all the way up.  There might be a flexibility issue too, but I think it's mostly not having the upper body strength.  I'm using the heels to transfer a bit more load to my hands.


I am working at the level of performing the exercise from a dead hang, holding top position with chest up for 2 seconds, then lowering myself slowly.

Inverted Press 

I am working at the A-Frame level, using my feet to steadily increase the load on my arms.


I can do a full tuck sit but holding it for 20 seconds takes quite a bit of effort.

Hollow Body Series

I do the Face Up position at the beginner level.  I do the Side position with the top leg raised and extended and the top arm extended.  I do the Face Down position with both legs extended, and bent arms extended.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Benefits of Locomotion Exercises - especially the Bear Walk/Crawl

Good article on the benefits of this type of exercise, which is prominently featured in the Elements program.

Musical Discoveries

"Pause" John Taylor,_and_Think_Again

Aphex Twin Peel Session (1992)

Lorelei Crimelab Live (December 2015)

"Yes Or No"
(Wayne Shorter)
Franco Ambrosetti - Flugelhorn
Steve Coleman - Alto Saxophone
Michael Brecker - Tenor Saxophone
Howard Johnson (tuba, baritone sax and more!) - Baritone Saxophone
Lew Soloff - Trumpet
Mike Mossman - Trumpet
Alex Brofsky - French Horn
Tommy Flanagan - Piano
Dave Holland - Bass
Daniel Humair - Drums
Franco Ambrosetti

Leadbelly - How Long

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 1 Introspection

What surprised you in this first week? Was there anything you didn’t expect along with the things you already knew? 

There's a lingering left shoulder issue that only seems to manifest itself when I'm practicing the pushup or the inverted press.  I don't know if it has anything to do with starting to play viola again after nearly two months of not playing it.  However, I found I could eliminate the pain by really focusing on pointing the elbows towards the knees and not allowing them to flare out.

Another surprise was how short 20 seconds can be.

What new thing did you learn this week that clicked with you the most?

Focusing on quality of movement, over quantity.

How will this change the way you approach movement the next time you practice?

I'll really focus on highest possible quality in my movement at my current level before advancing to the next one.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 1 Day 5

It was an ok workout.  Still have a lot to learn as far as good form.

Coach Ryan says "work at your level", so I started doing just that with the chin-ups and pushups.  Actually, everything really.  I tried inverted presses with my feet on a chair and my form was so bad that I knew I should stay at the A-Frame level.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 1 Day 3

Today was the first strength training session under this program.  It was an easy session.  20 seconds goes by very fast.  I did three rounds with 3 minutes rest between rounds, except between the 2nd and 3rd round, in which I opted to rest for 2 minutes.  The hardest part was resisting the urge to do full Chinups.

For the active recovery days I practice the Warmup Routine, then follow the General Daily Routine from Focused Flexibility, since that's the recommended flexibility routine for matching up with Integral Strength.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Integral Strength: Week 1 Day 1

Today was officially my first day in the Integral Strength program.  Day 1 was an assessment day. These are the assessments.

Broad Jump

To be honest I didn't measure the distance I jumped.  I guess I should have.  I was too focused on getting the form right.

Shrimp Squat

I could go all the way down and back up on each leg while holding the other leg as instructed.  Not super great form but ok enough.  What I need to work on is not applying too much force to the leg that is being held, because it's the leg that's not being held that I need to actually be working.


I could do a regular pushup with solid ease and smooth quality.  I could not do a hollow-body pushup with decent form because I just don't have enough practice in it.

Bridge Press-Up

I can do a push up into a bridge, lower myself to where my hips and shoulders are close to the floor without touching it, and press back up again with solid ease and rough quality.  I can't straighten my arms like the GMB coaches can in the full bridge.


I can do a full chin-up with good form.

Inverted Press

I can do an inverted press with straight legs; with solid ease and smooth quality.


I can do a tuck sit.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Elements: Week 7 Introspection

What transitions and patterns did you like the most? 
Among the transitions: Frogger to Frogger, Frogger to Monkey.

I didn't have any favorite patterns.  I just enjoyed free flowing.

Which were hardest? 
Among the transitions, Bear to Monkey was the most awkward.  

High Frogger and 180 Monkey were the hardest moves of rme.

What new thing did you learn this week that clicked with you the most? 
Just slowing down during flow practice and not rushing.

How will this change the way you approach movement the next time you practice? 
Just keep taking it slow and really concentrating on the details without getting so hung up that movement stops.

Where would you like to go from here?
I'll probably go into Integral Strength next week.  I bought it Monday night and think it's better to just start next Monday.  I enjoyed Elements but now I'm obsessed with improving my back bridge, one-legged squatting, tuck sit, and Tuck Sit to Bent-Arm Stand on the parallettes.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

How Femur Length Affects Squat Mechanics

Lately, I've seen articles get published about how the dimensions unique to our individual bodies (e.g. length of femur) affect our squatting mechanics.  This is a good one:

I exercise primarily with bodyweight these days but I have no doubt the article applies to us bodyweight squatters too.

Today's Musical Discoveries

98 minutes of collective improvisation, filmed beautifully for Swedish TV.
Wayne Shorter - Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Danilo Perez - Piano
John Patitucci - Bass
Brian Blade - Drums
Filmed on October 18, 2014.
Stockholms Konserthus / Kungliga Filharmonikerna, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Jazz Festival

Solomon Ilori And His Afro-Drum Ensemble - Ise Oluwa (God's Work Is Indestructible)

Blueboy - Imipramine


An updated version of "Rylynn", one of Andy McKee's greatest compositions (inspired by a tragic loss), performed by the maestro himself

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Octatrack Tricks

I'm always on the lookout for neat tricks to do on the Octatrack.  Seen at the user forum:

Pickup Machine Transition Trick:

It´s very similar to the normal Transition Trick, I just use a Pickup Machine (PM).
The good thing is, if you change patterns afterwards, the PM will always keep playing, because it´s not affected by the change of the Part - the PM content stays the same in alle patterns and banks. also, you can easily delete the contet by just press REC CD two times, and re-record with REC AB. I use QREC 16,, AB and CD to Zero. Instead I sample from "SRC3" set to CUE, so I can sample to the PM only the tracks I want to. (like transition trick)

I also use the Crossfader, Scene A with Max Vol on the PM, and all other tracks to Min Vol; Scene B the other way around, for nice crossfade.

How to emulate a Swarmatrom: track recorders are tied to track, but the record buffers are not, so for example you could (if you wanted to) record using track recorder 1, which would record into buffer 1, then record into track buffer 2 (using track 2) then assign that to play back on track 1. You could then say have the first bar playback buffer 2 on track 1 then put a sample lock to buffer 1 on the second bar, etc.

Recordings can also be saved to flex or static slots in file menu or a bit more conveniently (for me) in rec3 setup.

Also an often overlooked feature is bouncing buffers by using src3, so you could say combine 2 tracks into 1 buffer by cue or main with the relevant tracks muted/cued.

Edit: in direct answer to your question track recorders are available in any track, pickups though do not use the record trigs.

Edit2: So technically you don’t record into a static but rather record into the track recorder, thrn if you want assign to static