Monday, October 09, 2017

Zhang Xue Xin qigong video - exercise for functional qi

Notes by Mike Sigman:

The thing about the dantian and reverse breathing is that those two things pull and manipulate the elastic tissues of the body. The pulling and manipulating and squeezing and 'beating and drumming' (in some qigongs) are meant to develop the functional qi.
Just to use a quick and very simple example (from which more complicated motions/breath can be extrapolated) I'll take two small excerpts from a video of Zhang Xue Xin when he was doing the Hun Yuan Qigong that Feng Zhiqiang devised. In these two very simple movements, Zhang is first tracing the contractile/Yin route on the inner sides of the limbs during his inhale and "pulling in" ... and then he is pushing along the outer parts of the limbs for the exhale and mild contraction along that extensor pathway.
So, what he is doing is working the tissues along those channels with the inhale and exhale and he may be visualizing a flow of qi along those routes in the direction of his hands. It's a sort of double-duty thing: a practical part and a mind part.
Remember that if you bend and pull your limbs inward (Close), the pulling parts are along the inner and undersides of limbs; when you extend and push your limbs outward, the extensor action (or Opening) is along the upper and outer surfaces of the limbs. In other words, the "qi flow" is inward pulling on the insides of the limbs with the inhale and the qi flow is outward along the outsides of the limbs as they are straightened (even if you're not moving the limb in the qigong).

The video:

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Complete Guide to SunVox

SunVox is a unique modular synth app for IOS, Android and other platforms.  It is noted for its powerful feature set and light demand on the CPU, but the user interface is, uh, unique and kind of scary for some people.

Here is an online guide, which appears to be under ongoing development but already has plenty of useful info:

SunVox was recently updated to support AUv3.  I discovered that if I loaded SunVox as an AUv3 plugin in AUM, any project I created and saved would not appear if I later opened SunVox as a standalone app.  I also found that any projects saved in SunVox as a standalone app do not appear in SunVox after I load it as an AUv3 plugin in AUM.  I inquired about this and got this response from the developer:

It's a "feature" of iOS In the AU plugin, please use 

Export/Import -> System export/import: 
system export to transfer file from AU to standalone; 
system import to transfer file from standalone to AU.