Thursday, May 27, 2021

Red Delta Project Micro Workouts

I'd previously come across videos from the Red Delta Project channel, featuring trainer Matt Schifferle, while surfing Youtube.  I started to pay more attention to Red Delta Project after I saw that Dragondoor had Schifferle instruct the Isochain video course.

Red Delta Project has some interesting training ideas that I would like to explore after I finish my current Isochain Promethean routine.  I've been looking a lot of his micro workout videos in particular.

Flexion Extension Lateral Support Chain Micro Workout

Push Pull Squat Micro Workout targeting chest, lats, and hips

Chest and Core Micro Workout (pushup and side crawl)

No-equipment Core Micro Workout - suitable for warmup

Quad and Hamstring Hypertrophy Micro Workout 

Comparison of Nordic Curl to Hamstring Curl on suspension trainer, and how to regress/progress the difficulty level of the movement.

Chest Micro Workout - should help improve engagement of the chest for pressing movements.

 Cooldown Exercises

There are many more Micro Workout videos on the Red Delta Project channel.  Some of the exercises are demonstrated on NOSSK suspension trainers.  I went ahead and ordered my own pair.  So far I can report they work well with a door.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Pausing Isochain training for Convict Conditioning

I have a house guest for almost 2 weeks, so I'm pausing my Isochain training.  The chain is noisy as it rattles against the plate.  My guest is a chill and easygoing person, but I still feel a bit awkward about the noise.  I'll resume my current Promethean routine after the guest leaves.

For simplicity I chose the Good Behavior routine from the Convict Conditioning book.  It's a 3-day a week routine with a different pair of exercises each day.  Before starting the routine, I tried a set of pullups on my doorway pullup bar to observe how my elbow, recovering from Golfer's Elbow-like symptoms,  might feel.  Supinated grip of course was out of the question.  Neutral grip was uncomfortable.  Pronated grip with hands less than a foot apart felt the most comfortable.   I also tried a set of incline pushups to make sure that my recovering shoulder can at least handle those.

For today's session, the exercise pair was pushups and leg raises.  The hardest pushup variation I can handle turned out to be knee pushups.  So going forward my pushup routine will be 20 wall pushups and 15 (at most) high incline pushups on my dining table for my warmup sets.  My work sets will also be high incline pushups until I can do 40 reps.  In the past I would have advanced to higher difficulty more quickly by setting a lower standard, but now I understand the advantage of building up endurance at the lower difficulty levels for injury prevention.

I similarly tried 3 different lower level leg raise variations to determine the levels I should be working at for my warmup and work sets.  My warmup will be 20 flat knee raises and up to 15 flat bent leg raises.  My work sets will be flat bent leg raises.