Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rings One, Phase 1, Level B (modified), Week 1

Results of Week 1 of my modified Rings One program.  The modifications are to compensate for my shoulder issue and my strength level almost at the B level but not quite yet (cannot do L-Sit but am close, cannot do Tuck to Tuck Shoulder Stand).

Above The Rings

Dips - 7 reps. Quality: Smooth. Ease: Solid

L-Sit - Not quite there yet, but closer than I've ever been before to a legit L-Sit.  Previously, the closest I got with straight legs was about 30-35 degrees below parallel to the ground, with the hip flexors working hard.  Now I can pull up my legs to about 20 degrees, maybe even less.  Now it's the quads that are working hard to keep those legs straight.

I'll try to strengthen those quads by practicing pistol squats - in separate sets of course after my ring training.  I'll train for the L-Sit this way for a month or two and see how it goes.

Inverted Push-Ups - 7 reps. Quality: Smooth. Ease: Solid.

Push-Ups - Tried the assisted version (knees on floor) but still irritated the shoulder.  What I will try next time is 1-min rounds of Frog Stand practice instead of sets of assisted pushups.

Below The Rings

Skin The Cats - 3 reps. Quality: Rough.  Ease: Challenging.  Adding a couple of reps of simply lowering the legs while keeping them straight, then using hamstring/glute power to raise them back into the inverted hang position seems to be improving my hamstring flexibility.

Inverted Tuck Roll Chin-Ups - 6 reps. Quality: Smooth. Ease: Solid.

Inverted Row (Tuck) - 9 reps. Quality: Smooth. Ease: Solid.  The Rings One course says this exercise  builds pulling strength for the Skin The Cat, so I'll eventually phase out this exercise as I build up volume in the Skin The Cat.

Chin-Ups - 7 reps. Quality: Smooth. Ease: Solid.  Still having intermittent shoulder irritation in the dead hang - so cutting the range just a bit.