Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hurricane Healing Mobility Day 3

Week 1, Day 3, High Intensity

V Warm-Up + V Clubbell + V Cool Down

For this week, do 5 sets per side

Scores:  RPT: 6, RPD: 4, RPE: 4

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hurricane Healing Mobility Day 2

Day 2, No Intensity

CC Warm-Up + V Warm-Up

Scores:  RPT: 6, RPD: 3, RPE: 1

Monday, January 28, 2013

Clubbell Flow Evolution: Hurricane Healing Mobility

Today, I started a new program called Clubbell Flow Evolution, designed by CST Head Coach Shane Heins.  It's actually three programs in one, but I'm focusing on Hurricane Healing Mobility.  From the Clubbell Flow Evolution site:

Hurricane Healing Mobility (HHM) is an incremental, 3 phase, 9 month training program that utilizes a Single 5 lbs Clubbell with all the movements specifically designed to release tension and open up the body, while laying down a foundation (or shoring up weak spots) in Clubbell basics that will provide a platform for launching into more sophisticated and challenging applications with greater effectiveness and benefit.
This program is ideal for: beginners to Clubbell Training, healing and recovery from injury, warm-ups, lighter intensity sessions and training while you travel.

I re-injured my left shoulder a couple of years ago, and it's been a bit unstable ever since.  I'm not in constant pain, but I was getting an ache there every now and then.  When I heard about HHM, I figured it would be worth a shot to take my shoulder recovery further, as well as shore up those weak spots, release tension, etc.

I'm following the 3-day, MWF schedule.  I used to assign intuitive training scores (RPT - Rate of Perceived Technique, RPD - Rate of Perceived Discomfort, RPE - Rate of Perceived Effort) for each exercise, but I'm just going to grade the entire day.

Ok, here's the Day 1 log:

Day 1, Moderate Intensity.
CC Warm-Up + CC Clubbell + CC Cool Down

Scores:  RPT: 6, RPD: 4, RPE: 4