Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Quit A Day Job

A professional blogger's story of how she quit her day job to pursue her passions.

I'm not even thinking of quitting my day job now or within the next 2 years, actually. But I'm fascinated by this type of story.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips for reducing tension in seconds

Learn the Art of Self-Massage

A couple of good roundup articles on green countertops

One decision I've been putting off on the upcoming kitchen remodeling project is which countertop to use. Anyone who has been following this blog (yes, all 2-4 of you) knows I've been looking for something environmentally friendly.

The Kitchen Designer - Green Kitchen Countertops

New York House Magazine - The best in green kitchen countertops

I was initially leaning towards recycled glass such as IceStone... until I found out recycled glass countertops cost just as much as granite (which, though popular, is not considered environmentally friendly due to quarrying practices). I'm probably going to get PaperStone Certified, which is made from 100% post-consumer standard office paper.

One Block Off The Grid program

One Block Off The Grid is a group "on a mission to make solar accessible at a fraction of the cost, one city at a time".

Solar power is notoriously expensive, typically costing about $20,000 US per home. Should I wait for Ikea to start selling affordable solar panels, or sign up with One Block Off The Grid?

I'd love to get my house off the grid, or at least generate so much electricity via solar power that the electric company would have to pay me.

13 Magnificent Renewable Energy Successes and Failures

13 Magnificent Renewable Energy Successes and Failures

Making a To-Do List in Gmail

I'm very new to Gmail. Ok, I actually had my account for nearly 2 years but only started using it more regularly a couple of weeks ago. This article and previous ones in what appears to be a series on Gmail Labs look useful to me.

Lifehacker's Gmail To-Do List

Monday, August 11, 2008

Korg DS-10

I originally bought my Nintendo DS Lite to play Electroplankton. Sadly, my Electroplankton era came to an ignoble end, thanks to losing my DS Lite case which had the Electroplankton cartridge and 5 or so other cartridges (the other two "games" I'm unhappy about losing are My French Coach and Brain Age 2). Electroplankton was more of a multimedia art piece than music software, though one could improvise a musical performance with it.

Korg DS-10
is a new cartridge for the DS that will probably bring an end to my cryinga moping over my losses. It is a true synthesizer-on-a-card which I understand was inspired by Korg's MS-10 analog synth. I anticipate having lots of fun composing beats and other song parts on my commuting rides. An interview with the DS-10 developer sheds more light on this much-anticipated product.

25 Tips to Make Your Apartment an Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green Paradise

I still like my Green Remodeling For Dummies book, but this article contains several tips not in the book...

25 Tips to Make Your Apartment an Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green Paradise!

Pen Zen: Bring Clarity to Writing

I could obviously use the advice in this article...

Pen Zen: Bring Clarity to Writing

Travel Photography Tips

I love to snap photos as much as the next traveler. I realize I haven't shown this much in this blog, partially because I've been so behind in uploading pics to various sites. I used Shutterfly for several years, and lately have started using Flickr, which has more up-to-date features, but restricts uploads to 100MB a month.

Anyhoo... this article appears to have some useful tips for travel photography. Hopefully I'll have the photos from my trips to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Chicago online by the end of the year.

The A-B-C-D-E of Travel Photography

Friday, August 08, 2008

15 (More) Future Wonders of Green Technology: From Spinning Towers to Seawater Greenhouses

As a casual fan of both architecture and science fiction, I enjoy looking at pics of futuristic buildings, even more so if they're "green". Maybe you will too...

15 (More) Future Wonders of Green Technology: From Spinning Towers to Seawater Greenhouses

Russian cartoon based on Bradbury

Check out this 9-minute animation based on "There will come soft rains" by the great science fiction author Ray Bradbury: