Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Allan Holdsworth playing Traditional Jazz in 1978

Allan Holdsworth is best known for his blazing, sophisticated jazz-rock fusion guitar work. Recordings of Allan playing more traditional jazz is rare, aside from the None Too Soon album.

Thus, it was a pleasure to discover a 1978 recording of the Allan Holdsworth Quartet playing traditional jazz, which was posted to the discussion forums on Allan's website. For this gig, he opted for a guitar tone that is as close as he's gotten to the traditional jazz guitar sound. The performances are fantastic, and the sound quality is incredible.

Update: Here's a song list:
Scatter - Kenny Wheeler
What Am I Doing With You - Fran Landesman & Hod O'Brien

There are plenty of other recordings by fusion luminaries as well on that site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ozan Yarman's 79-tone Qanun

This is the first batch of audio demos that I have encountered of Ozan Yarman's 79-tone Qanun. Qanun, as I may have previously mentioned, is a Turkish zither that is played with fingerpicks and has little levers to instantly retune certain strings. Ozan's 79-tone tuning is a recent invention.