Sunday, October 16, 2022

Isochain 3 Days On: Week 4

A couple of weeks ago, I started getting sick with what felt like the common cold. I took a COVID test and got a positive result. So, I didn't do any exercise as I rested up and waited for my already-vaccinated body to fight it off.

This week I felt good enough to start working out again. Despite about 2 weeks of no exercise, I was still able to perform each exercise for at least 20 seconds at the same target loads as before, or even higher. I lowered the bar for the Drag Curl to get the biceps a little more elongated, which allowed me to work at a higher load. I was able to raise the target load for Calf Raise as I got better at relaxing my wrists to let the lifting hooks take on more load - will try holding the bar behind the back next.

Wrist/forearm fatigue seems to be the limiting factor for my Seated Row. I don't think there's much I can do about that other than hope that repeated practice will stimulate some muscle growth in the wrist/forearm, so that it stops fatiguing before my biceps or lats do.