Tuesday, May 09, 2023

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Remembering Wayne Shorter, Rogue Philosopher (1933-2023)

Ahmad Jamal, measured maestro of the jazz piano, dies at 92

Easy Muscle: Weeks 2 and 3

In resistance training, I've seen "volume" defined as the total number of reps, which is the number of reps per set times number of sets. I've also seen it defined as total number of reps times the weight being lifted. For simplicity, I'll use the first definition.

In Week 2, my body started acclimating to the clean-and-press at a volume of 30 reps or higher. I was not deliberately aiming for higher volume compared to Week 1, but I worked at higher volume anyway because I recovered a little faster between sets. On my recovery days I decided to practice the P3 Protocol for mobility, as taught in Geoff Neupert's mobility program Sore Joint Solution, to try to attain the necessarily mobility to lock out both arms overhead in the double kettlbell press.

In Week 3, I finished each session with total reps of 45 or higher. I noticed an increase in appetite compared to previous weeks when total reps were 40 or less.

After 6 weeks of Kettlebell Strong! Foundation and 3 weeks of Easy Muscle, my right shoulder has been holding up fine. This was the shoulder injured about a year ago, so that I couldn't do any overhead pressing until earlier this year. However my left shoulder which was injured in 2020 has been feeling a little less stable, with an occasional dull ache. I have not yet achieved full lockout in the double KB clean-and-press. I read that lack of full lockout may stress the shoulder joints.

So for the Friday session, I decided to switch from double KB training to single KB for the remainder of this Easy Muscle training block. Full lockout on single KB press is within my capability. Removing one possible cause of shoulder irritation outweighs the desire for faster muscle growth promised by double KB work.