Monday, September 19, 2016

Don Buchla

This legendary pioneer of electronic music, who invented the sequencer and other influential music gear, passed away this past Wednesday.

NY Times has an obituary.

Alessandro Cortini + Don Buchla, performing the piece "everything ends here

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Couple of good GMB articles on Nutrition/Fat Loss

The main focus of GMB's training programs and articles has been on mobility and strength, rather than more superficial fitness goals such as muscle mass and six pack abs.  That said, they do have a couple of good articles related to fat-loss/nutrition, which are legit concerns for lots of people who exercise or want to exercise:

Dogma-Free Nutrition: How to Cut Through the Diet Hype and Eat for Your Goals

Ok, this is really a podcast, rather than an article you can read, but it's got a lot of good, related info:

Today's Musical Discoveries

PRESTON REED "The Last Viking"

Greg Jolivet- For So

The Bitmap Brothers: Pioneers of Amiga game music

Bedhead - What's Missing

Manuel Göttsching - E2 E4

Amp - Stellata

MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS, This Is The Ice Age, 1981.

The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else

Plastikman - Consumed - 08 Locomotion

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

R1 Training Update

For yesterday's training session, I attempted a Tuck Hold to Tuck Shoulder Stand on the rings.  I'm still unable to move all the way into the Tuck Shoulder Stand, but I am able to move closer to that position than I was before I started practicing the equivalent movement on the parallettes.  I seem to have the strength to roll from the Tuck Hold to an intermediate position in which my torso is parallel to the ground - almost a Frog Stand/Crow Pose on the rings - before, I would lose control and have to bail out.

On the parallettes, I've progressed to 4 reps/set of this move in decent form.  There's still room for improvement, but it's better quality than when I first started practicing it on the parallettes - I still remember how shaky my form was and only being able to do one rep per set.

The updated L-Sit tutorial by GMB advises L-Sit training at least 3 times a week.  This is the first week in which I will attempt to practice it 5 times in one week.  Hopefully this will speed up my progress towards a a full L-Sit.  I'm not in a desperate rush got achieve it, but I cannot progress to Phase 3 without it.  Not being able to do it is also holding me back from progress in P1, as 2 exercises at the next phase (L-Sit Thrust and Single Arm Straddles) both require ability to do the L-Sit.  I'll practice the full Above The Rings session just 3 days a week to avoid overtraining.

I also plan to practice pistol squats 5 times this week, to try to reach my goal of being able to do 6 reps/set for 3 sets in good form for one session.

Monday, September 05, 2016