Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mogwai show available as free download

I just had the pleasure of once again seeing a live performance by the group Mogwai, one of the leading lights of the genre known as post-rock. I was initially drawn to Mogwai when I was listening to the eclectic Internet radio station, which tended to play their most introspective and prettiest songs.

I recently began playing in a band. When people ask what we sound like, I tell them Mogwai is a major influence. Unfortunately, few are familiar with this band. Thanks to NPR's quick turnaround, I can now point them to NPR's Mogwai in Concert page, where they can, free of charge, either listen to this live concert recording by streaming audio or download an MP3 file of the concert.

I've been to three Mogwai shows and this was the best so far. They featured more of their shorter, prettier songs, but mixed in enough intensity in their song selection to achieve good balance in their overall presentation. They really pushed the envelope at the end of their encore, blasting the audience with an aural assault that the likes of Merzbow and Whitehouse would be pround of.

Rockin' live version of Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group

Check out this video.

Edgar Winter is even more amazing in this video than on the version you may have heard a lot on classic rock radio. He positively rocks his brains out on synthesizers, sax, and drums - all on the same song. I love the crazy ending!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A simple pulse test to monitor recovery - by Steve Maxwell

On the Dragondoor forum, noted BJJ and fitness expert Steve Maxwell offered this nugget:

Each morning for two weeks, take your pulse in bed upon waking. I use a hand held moniter that reads my pulse form my finger tips. I find that it is more accurate than counting from palpating my carotid artery. If you do use a manuel reading, take it for at least thirty seconds to reduce errors. Take three readings. At the end of the two weeks, you have your average pulse reading. Each morning, take a reading. If your pulse is more than 4 beats above your average, it means that you are not completely recovered and should take an easy workout that day. If the pulse is more than 4 beats above, rest completely.

This URL to his post is