Monday, February 23, 2009

Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation

Interesting book by Irish jazz musician Ronan Guilfoyle:

This publication is the first of its kind to clearly explain the most recent developments in jazz rhythmic techniques. Intended for use by all instruments, it explains clearly how to go about developing and exploring one's rhythmic technique and how to use these sophisticated techniques in a jazz context. Areas discussed include

Metric Modulation
Odd Metres
Bulgarian music
South Indian Tala system
Multiple subdivision
Odd meter polyrhythms
Odd meter modulation.

Each technique is clearly explained and clearly notated and the accompanying CD acts as both a demonstration of the various concepts, and as a playalong CD. There is a comprehensive listening list included in the book as well as 6 compositions that demonstrate the different techniques outlined in the book.

Check his website for more info