Monday, September 28, 2015

Parallettes One - Start of Week 16

Not much progress to report, other than managing a 2-second hold in an unsupported/unassisted shoulder stand.

Week 15 was pretty much a wash as I'd decided to bike to work three days instead of my usual two days a week.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Parallette One, Level B, Phase 1, Workout 2 progress - really good session today.

I tried lifting the supporting foot from the ground while in the One-Legged Shoulder Stand Hold.  At first, I was unable to do so.  Then, I got the foot off the ground, but I must have made some sort of kicking motion to do it, and in doing so, caused my hips to move too far over my head, so that I ended up doing a sort of sloppy cartwheel.  Fortunately, my feet touched the floor first, so that I was unhurt.  I feel like I am very close to achieving a shoulder stand.  My strength is almost there.  I just need to get the balance right.

I performed a maximum of 10 reps per set - my new PR - of the Assisted Inverted Press, which seems to train a lot of the same muscles involved in the shoulder stand.

In the beginning of this video, someone shows both the tuck and straight leg shoulder stand on the parallettes.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Parallettes One, Level B, Phase 1: Week 14 Report

Ok I skipped a couple of weeks but here's my progress as of Week 14 - looks like I regressed a bit compared to Week 11.

Progress on Workout 1 Exercises 

Plank Push-Ups - 7 reps

Plank Jump to Dip -  10 reps/set

Battle Rams (Version 2) - 10 reps/set.

Tuck Hold -  4 sec. tuck hold, followed by 4 sec. per leg when keeping one leg tucked and extending the other as far forward as possible.

Mt. Climber Holds -  10 reps max.  Holding plank between reps decreased total reps.

Progress on Workout 2 Exercises

Tuck Swing to Top Plank - 10 reps max.

One Leg Shoulder Stand Hold - 10 sec. hold range per leg.

Tuck Swings - 12 reps.

Assisted Inverted Presses -  8 reps.

Dive Bombers Standard - 10 reps.

One advice I have read is to change training programs once in a while.  I am considering switching back to Rings One.  It depends on which skill I achieve first on the parallettes:

a. Unsupported shoulder stand (both feet completely off the ground).  I will consider this accomplished if I can lift the supporting foot off the floor in the One Leg Shoulder Stand Hold, and maintain this hold for at least 3 sec. with the "supporting foot" off the floor, even if it's just an inch above the floor.

b. Full L-sit

I feel like I am closer to achieving a. above than b.  If I accomplish a. I will switch back to Rings One at Level A, Phase 2, because the inability to do an unsupported shoulder stand was stalling my progress there. 

What to wear under a bike helmet if you get sweaty

Something like this was suggested as a solution, for those days that you sweat so much it pours over your eyes: