Saturday, March 02, 2024

Kettlebell ICT: Week 8

Weights used:

Session A

A1 Snatch 16kg
A2 Press 16kg

B1 Snatch 12kg
B2 Bottoms Up Goblet Squat 20kg

Session B

A1 Push Press 16kg
A2 Bottoms Up Goblet Squat 20g

B1 Push Press 16kg
B2 Supported Row 16kg

The Session A workout felt just as tough this week as it did last week when I increased the snatch weight

I felt more of a conditioning improvement in the Session B workouts. I was able to do 5 push press sets per arm, which was made possible by consistently resting less than 2 minutes between supersets.

Bodyweight is 152 lbs, down from a pre-ICT weight of 161lbs.

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