Saturday, March 16, 2024

Kettlebell ICT: Week 10

Weights used:

Session A

A1 Snatch 16kg
A2 Press 16kg

B1 Snatch 12kg
B2 Bottoms Up Goblet Squat 20kg

Session B

A1 Push Press 16kg
A2 Bottoms Up Goblet Squat 20g

B1 Push Press 16kg
B2 Supported Row 16kg

Focused more on leg drive in the Push Press. I'd been doing this exercise as more of a leg-assisted press, which I guess is ok, but I thought dialing up the leg drive would dial up the conditioning aspect. This did result in me breathing harder after each set, though snatch sets still feel harder.

One of the days after a Session B workout, I had unusual tightness in the side of a knee when I started a walk around the neighborhood. This was fixed by stretching in the bottom of an ATG split squat - just great all-around mobility drill for solving knee, hip, and ankle tighntess.

Bloopers included starting a Session B workout then realizing I forgot to bring up the 20kg KB for the squats... and doing extra sets of strict press in a Session A workout after the 5 min. break before realizing I was supposed to be squatting. At least I didn't hurt myself.
Bodyweight holding steady at 154 lbs, down from a pre-ICT weight of 161lbs.

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