Monday, April 01, 2024

Kettlebell ICT: End of Program and Results

Completed Week 12, which is the final week of Kettlebell ICT, without incident. This program is based on research on Integrated Concurrent Training (ICT), which is also referred to as Integrated Concurrent Exercise. One of the findings is that ICT was found to burn body fat, especially stomach fat, without dieting. Thus as part of my test of this program, I did not make any special changes to my diet. My dietary habits haven't been perfectly clean, but I haven't been going overboard on unhealthy foods either.

Before I started Kettlebell ICT, my body was in good health. However, it had just recovered from a back injury so to be safe, I chose weights for the snatch, goblet squat, and row that were relatively light.


Bodyweight: approx. 5 lb. loss.
Arms: approx. quarter inch diameter gain

Waist (at navel): approx. 3/4" loss

Overhead Press: approx. 15lb. gain in max force

The objectives of the Kettlebell ICT program are to reduce bodyfat while maintaining or even increasing strength. The results show that both objectives were accomplished. I believe I can interpret the loss in bodyweight combined with reduction in waist diameter as signs of fat loss. Pants now feel more loose at the waist. I figured there would be some gain in pressing strength but I didn't expect this much.

I had read that high volume KB snatches could improve pullup performance. This program did require me to do lots of KB snatches, so a couple of days after finishing the program, I did a set of pullups and found my repetition max to be 8, which was about the same as it was before I started the program. I was snatching a 12kg KB for more than half the program. Perhaps I need to snatch a heavier KB for the same amount of work to improve my pullup rep max. In any case, increasing one's rep max in the pullup was not an objective of this program.

I also tried a set of ring dips to see if there was any change in performance. I did 2 reps before I started losing control of a ring. The ring dip is just one of those exercises that require good technique. I don't do ring dips for 3 months, I get rusty at them and need to retrain my body to stabilize on the rings and execute properly. Successful execution of a ring dip depends not only on strength but also proper coordination to smoothly lower oneself down and push back up, while maintaining stability on the rings. Oh well, increasing rep max in ring dips was not a program objective either.

I would consider training under this program again in the future. I was satisfied with the amount of bodyfat that I lost but I think I could burn more if I worked with weights determined by proper testing under the program guidelines - eg. 10-rep max for goblet squat, 20-rep max for snatch, etc. instead of holding back a bit out of fear of reinjuring the low back. It was gratifying to find that I gained strength and maybe even a little muscle as well.

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